Maximising investment in sustainable energy (ELENA)

Maximising investment in sustainable energy (ELENA)

Many EU towns and regions lack the necessary technical expertise and organisational capacity to implement large energy efficiency and renewables projects. The benefits of cutting energy use and pollution are clear, but the challenge is to guarantee value for money and timeliness, as well as securing extra funding. ELENA (“European Local ENergy Assistance”) is there to help. Run by the EIB, it is funded through the European Commission’s Intelligent Energy-Europe programme.

How ELENA helps

ELENA covers up to 90% of the technical support cost needed to prepare, implement and finance the investment programme. This could include feasibility and market studies, programme structuring, energy audits and tendering procedure preparation. With solid business and technical plans in place, this will also help attract funding from private banks and other sources, including the EIB. So whether it is the retrofitting of public and private buildings, sustainable building, energy-efficient district heating and cooling networks, environmentally-friendly transport etc, ELENA helps local authorities get their projects on the right track.


Funds are currently available to support projects under the Facility. When funds will be exhausted, a notice will be posted on this webpage.

Elena - Project Factsheets as of 16/07/2014 (Information available at project start)

REDIBA: Renewable and Energy Efficiency in Diputació de Barcelona Spain 04/05/2010
CHP/District Heating - Stadsverwarming of Purmerend B.V. The Netherlands 30/09/2010
Energy efficiency - Covenant of Mayors - Province of Milan Italy 26/10/2010
MADEV -  Madrid Electric Vehicles - Empresa Municipal de Transportes de Madrid S.A. Spain 30/11/2010
Efficacité énergétique écoles Paris - Ville de Paris France 15/12/2010
Vila Nova de Gaia Sustainable Energy Programme - Municipality of Vila Nova de Gaia Portugal 26/01/2011
Electrobus - Transportes de Barcelona S.A. Spain 08/04/2011
SPIS - Spårvagnar i Skåne (Tramway in Skåne) - Region of Skåne and The cities of Malmö, Lund and Helsingborg Sweden 06/05/2011
DAFNI - Development of smart grids infrastructure in autonomous islands of the Aegean Sea  Greece 22/07/2011
RE:FIT - Greater London Authority United Kingdom 14/07/2011
Decentralized Energy - Greater London Authority United Kingdom 03/08/2011
Province of Modena - Agenzia per l'Energia e lo Sviluppo Sostenibile di Modena Italy 16/08/2011
EE for the Province of Chieti - Province of Chieti Italy 03/11/2011
District Heating - Green Net - Municipalities of Sittard-Geleen, Beek and Stein in the Province of Limburg The Netherlands 29/12/2011
REEEZ - Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency in Zealand - Region  Zealand Denmark 29/02/2012
BRITE – Bristol Retrofitting – Innovative Technologies for Everyone – City of Bristol United Kingdom 15/05/2012
BES - Birmingham Energy Savers Pathfinder - City of Birmingham United Kingdom 29/06/2012
The Zero Emission Buses in the Netherlands The Netherlands 07/12/2012
EOL – Energetska obnova Ljubljane – Energy retrofit programme of public buildings in Ljubljana Slovenia 09/01/2013
FUENSANTA project Spain 09/12/2013
Aarhus LRT (Aarhus Light Rain Transit project) Denmark 16/07/2013
VAMOS (Vert. Une Aide à la Maîtrise de l'Ouvrage Sociale) Belgium 24/07/2013
ECO.AP (Programma de Efficiencia Energetica na Administracao Publica) Portugal 15/10/2013
Less energy, Less cost, Less impact (Progetto 3L) Italy


CEICAD Denmark 07/11/2013
SOMACYL Spain 20/12/2013
Energy Programme Southern Denmark Denmark 26/02/2014
LED Pack South Poland Poland 05/03/2014
Central Denmark Energy Planning and Investment (CeDEPI) Denmark 11/06/2014
London RE:NEW project United Kingdom 16/07/2014
Expérimentation d'un Service Public de la rénovation énergétique en Picardie (Picardie Pass Rénovation) France 01/10/2014
Energy Renovation of the Buildings of Aarhus Municipality Denmark 20/10/2014

Contacting the EIB

ELENA assistance may facilitate access to EIB finance or finance from another bank. You can contact us through - by telephone, fax, e-mail or letter. For a first contact we will need a brief description of the planned investment (e.g. type of investment, approach to  implementation), the expected investment cost and time schedule for the programme, plus the amount, scope and main needs to be addressed by the requested technical assistance.

For additional information on EU initiatives on climate change and renewable energies, please visit the following websites:

The Climate Action and Renewable Energy Package, Europe's Climate Change Opportunity
The Covenant of Mayors
Intelligent Energy Europe

FAQ – Programme development support from ELENA [EN]; [FR]
ELENA - Application Form [EN]; FR]
ELENA - Declaration by the applicant [EN]; [FR]

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