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New EIB initiative to help Europe’s Southern Neighbourhood and Western Balkans gets warm welcome from EU leaders

  •  Date de publication: 28/06/2016
A new initiative from the EIB to support regions outside of Europe that are significantly affected by the refugee crisis has been welcomed by EU heads of state and governments meeting in Brussels today. Responding to a request by the European Council in March, EIB President Hoyer laid out how the EU Bank could step up its support and address the pressing needs of the regions with action to support growth, jobs vital infrastructure and social cohesion.

Finland: EIB supports Finnlines’ Environmental Technology Investment programme

  •  Date de publication: 28/06/2016
The EIB has signed a EUR 50 million loan agreement with Finnish ferry operator Finnlines. Finnlines will use the funding to finance a EUR 100 million Environmental Technology Investment programme which substantially lowers the environmental footprint and meets the new strict “MARPOL Annex VI” sulphur emission regulations, which came into force at the beginning of 2015. The majority of the programme consists of retrofitting its current fleet of over 20 vessels with exhaust gas cleaning systems, a cost efficient way of complying with the 0,1% limit on  sulphur content in the exhaust gases when operating in the EU Sulphur Emission Control Areas (SECAs).

Germany: Successful long-term financing of a German A-Modell project (A8 motorway)

  •  Date de publication: 28/06/2016
With the support of a new Senior Debt Credit Enhancement financing instrument (SDCE-F) from the EIB, the concession company PANSUEVIA GmbH & Co. KG, along with its 50:50 joint venture partners HOCHTIEF and STRABAG, has successfully completed the long-term financing of the A8 A-Modell motorway project in Germany. The senior debt was placed among institutional investors, commercial banks and the EIB. This is the first transaction where EIB has provided the SDCE-F.

New EIB "Resilience" initiative for EU’s Southern Neighbourhood and Western Balkans to be presented at European Council

  •  Date de publication: 28/06/2016
A new initiative to support regions outside of Europe significantly affected by the refugee crisis is being presented by EIB President Werner Hoyer at today’s European Council in Brussels. The initiative to build resilience in the EU’s Southern Neighbourhood and the Western Balkans regions was requested by the leaders of EU member states in March. President Hoyer will lay out a detailed proposal on how the EIB can step up its support and address the pressing needs of the regions with action to support growth, jobs vital infrastructure and social cohesion.

Netherlands: Rabobank and EIB: EUR 100 million for impact investment

  •  Date de publication: 28/06/2016
Rabobank now has a further 100 million euros of EIB funding available for loans to businesses to be used for a positive impact. The first tranche of 50 million euros from the EIB for impact loans through Rabobank has been fully taken up. 47 SMEs and midcap companies have taken advantage of an impact loan in the past six months. They are using their loan to invest in the future of their business and are also contributing to a world we can all live in, and that benefits people and the environment. The success of the first tranche means that Rabobank and the EIB will continue to encourage impact investments by SMEs and midcap companies. 

France : Nouvelle signature EFSI : la BEI finance Aperam à hauteur de 50 M€

  •  Date de publication: 27/06/2016
La BEI et Aperam annoncent la signature d'un contrat de financement à hauteur de 50 millions d'euros visant à financer un programme de recherche et développement sur la période 2016-2019, ainsi que la mise à niveau de deux usines situées dans les régions de cohésion (Isbergues - Nord-Pas-de-Calais et Châtelet-Hainaut). Ce projet a été financé au titre du Plan d’investissement pour l’Europe, dit « Plan Juncker », dont la France est l’un des premiers pays bénéficiaires avec 35 opérations lancées à ce jour par le Groupe BEI pour un montant global de 1,7 milliards d’euros, lesquels devraient engendrer 15 milliards d’euros d’investissements supplémentaires.

Panama Canal: EIB Vice-President Roman Escolano attends Inauguration Ceremony

  •  Date de publication: 26/06/2016
The Panama Canal Authority officially inaugurated the new widened Panama Canal, to showcase two of the world’s biggest locks - a project part-financed by the EIB. EIB’s Vice-President Roman Escolano attended the celebration.  

Déclaration de la BEI à la suite du referendum du Royaume-Uni sur son maintien au sein de l’UE

  •  Date de publication: 24/06/2016
La Banque européenne d’investissement prend note avec regret du vote du peuple britannique en faveur de sa sortie de l’Union européenne. Il s’agit d’une situation sans précédent pour la BEI.

Netherlands: EIB supports FrieslandCampina’s research and development activities

  •  Date de publication: 22/06/2016
The EIB has signed a EUR 150 million loan with FrieslandCampina for R&D activities in Europe, its first ever loan to a company in the Dutch agricultural sector. 

Finland: Investment Plan for Europe: EIB support Helsinki’s “second city centre”

  •  Date de publication: 22/06/2016
The EIB has signed a loan agreement with YIT of Finland, in support of energy efficiency in an urban development project in Helsinki. The loan is guaranteed under the European Fund for Strategic Investments (EFSI).

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